Comprehensive advice (to both employees and employers) in all aspects of labor law, as well as cooperation based on civil law contracts, including:

  • creation, implementation, and coordination of employment structure (at the basic level, as well as the managerial level);
  • employment contracts, civil-law agreements, management and related contracts (Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, etc.);
  • creation, implementation, and coordination of the organizational structure of the company – the employer (such as creating work and remuneration regulations, car policy, issues related to fleet management);
  • labor disputes – pre-trial stage: drawing up of the termination / separation agreement and release, defining the strategy for parting with the employee / employer, as well as the stage of settlement negotiations and the judicial stage: representation in the court in the case of an appeal against the dismissal/disciplinary dismissal;
  • disputes with ZUS Social Insurance Institution;
  • specialized training sessions for employees and executives.