The Ch&O Adwokaci Law Firm operates within the framework consisting of:

In addition, the Law Firm provides services in the following fields:

  • civil and economic law
  • commercial law
  • social insurance
  • IT contracts
  • real estate

Our aim is to approach every problem comprehensively and to resolve it at the level of the particular field of law to which it pertains. Due to that fact, we conduct a detailed analysis of the factual circumstances followed by exhaustive legal research. During those processes, we cooperate with specialists in the following fields:

  • tax law
  • intellectual property, copyright
  • banking/finance

The services provided by our Law Firm include:

  • drawing up pleadings and pleading/final call drafts in the proceedings relating to the abovementioned scope of activity of the Ch&O Adwokaci Law Firm;
  • representation in the court;
  • assistance/representation in meetings/negotiations with third parties;
  • drawing up of written legal opinions, expert opinions, and professional studies;
  • preparation and organization of internal training sessions at the Client’s premises / at the office of the Law Firm;
  • direct legal consultation, including consultation by telephone/via e-mail.